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The Imperial family has been slaughtered. Dark assassins breached the halls of the palace
and have drenched the walls in their blood. Their masters have put a plan into motion that
will plunge the world into oblivion and the sacrifice of noble blood was the nexus.

Now a red moon hangs over a blighted landscape. The world is in it’s death throes and
what’s left of its population huddles in fortress cities while monsters roam the country
openly, relishing the ending to come.

The only hope for those who are left is to find a new home. An exodus to another world
and a new start. The Imperial family in generations past could use their powers to open
up the Roads, an ancient magical construction that once allowed them to travel to
other lands. However this knowledge was lost and only a handful of brave adventurers or foolhardy opportunists dare to attempt entry in the Roads for without the light of the noble family, they have become infested with a darkness of their own.

If a scion of their lineage can be found, it’s possible that the Roads may open up again
and the remnants of the land can be free.

Home Page

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